LBA Data from Tapajos Forest

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This project has been funded by LBA, Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia. Each set of measurements includes explanatory information in a file.  Please read our statement on Fair Use, below, before proceeding to data. More data from the entire LBA project are available through the Beija-flor search engine at the LBA CPTEC data exchange (mirrored in the US at

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The data contained on this site is freely available and we encourage others to use it. Kindly keep us informed of how you are using our data and of any publication plans. Please acknowledge the data source as a citation, or in the acknowledgments if the data have not yet been published. If we feel that we should be offered participation as authors, we will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing the data. If your work directly competes with our analysis we may ask that we have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you submit one that uses unpublished data. These data may be updated or reprocessed from time to time, and it is your responsibility to insure that your publication contains the most recent revision of the data.

In order to maintain these measurements we periodically need to demonstrate progress to our sponsoring agencies. In addition to informing us of your plans, we kindly request that you help us by providing preprints and updates on publication status.

Ecological Measurements
Harvard University
Scott Saleska, Amy Rice, Lucy Hutyra, Elizabeth Hammond Pyle, Steven Wofsy

Eddy Flux Data
Harvard University
Scott Saleska, Bruce Daube, Bill Munger, Steven Wofsy

Santarem km67 CO concentrations
Harvard University
Bill Munger, Bruce Daube, Steven Wofsy

Wofsy Group in LBA
Atmospheric Sciences Data Exchange
Atmospheric Sciences
Harvard University