Postdoctoral Positions Open

Atmospheric instrumentation, field measurements, and analysis

We are seeking to appoint one or more postdoctoral fellows to help design, build, deploy, and analyze atmospheric data from airborne and ground-based trace gas measurement systems. Our sensors include laser spectrometers in the mid-IR and near-IR, as well as solar-viewing Fourier Transform and grating spectrometers. Our instrumentation is engineered for challenging applications in low altitude and high altitude aircraft, or long-term field deployments in remote sites. Our scientific program examines scientific questions of global significance as well as regional and local air pollution issues.

Analysis of the data uses R, Matlab and Python codes. Interpretation of the results uses models of various sophistication including high-resolution Lagrangian particle dispersion models and global atmospheric chemistry models.

The successful applicant should have experience with instrumentation, such as training and/or experience in experimental physics or chemistry, atmospheric measurements, engineering, etc. A PhD and experience with one or more high-performance atmospheric field measurement systems is required. Experience with the above-mentioned analysis tools is desirable.

The position offers exceptional opportunity for cross-disciplinary training and scientific exploration of atmospheric composition, including participation in several of our ongoing  research programs (e.g. ; ). You will join a group of experienced professionals, postdocs, and students engaged in a wide range of research.

The positions are open immediately and will remain open until filled.

We especially encourage applications from female and/or minority candidates.  Harvard University is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer.

Please send inquiries via email (subject line: Atmospheric Measurement postdoc) including a short statement of interest and experience and a CV, and refer specifically to this notice.

Professor Steven C. Wofsy; alternate,

Abbott Lawrence Rotch Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry

Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Science/Department of Earth and   Planetary Science

29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Tel. 617-495-4566  FAX 617-495-4551